Lucid Dreaming

Make Your Dreams Come True

I used to go to the casino to play Texas Hold’em poker until I found a great website online where you can win real money. It is great because I save on gas money from driving an hour to the casino and I get to play in the comfort of my own home.

In the past month, I have gotten a Royal Flush several times and I have won about six thousand dollars. I am waiting for the money to get transferred to my bank account so I can pay off my car loan. It will feel good not to have a car payment anymore. I am going to keep playing and my next goal is to start doubling up on my house payments so that I can pay it off quicker.

I had a pleasant experience when I visited the Caesars Windsor hotel and online casino with my family. We booked our stay online with a special code that they were offering and we stayed in a really nice room for cheap. The hotel was huge and had almost 800 rooms total and it was over-looking the Detroit River.

We had an awesome dining experience at Nero’s steakhouse and the food was fabulous. The entire staff was friendly and the chefs went out of their way to make us a great meal.

It was like a party 24/7 because there was non-stop professional live entertainment, it really set a relaxing mood. I met a man while I was up at the bar getting a margarita and we have been dating ever since. If we ever decide to get married we are going to do our vows were we met, it will be so romantic!